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passion and death are implicit, one in the other

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Name:cygnus olor
Just the journal of a 17 year old Asian girl recovering from anorexia. Please look a little below to see informations about triggers, position of this journal on recovery/pro-ana stuffs, etc.

This is not my personal journal, it's just my journal to talk about the things related to eating disorder recovery. Where my personal journal is, that's hidden informations, sorry (´・ω・`; )

Notes: my interests is not reflecting my actual interests. I have much more interests than this, the interests just shows what the journal is about. And, I didn't choose the name "swanheart" because of Black Swan, or, the Nightwish song really, I just have a connection to swans from before that time... swans are so beautiful and graceful, the way I want to be... but, I am learning to be graceful in other ways.

Please, you are welcome to follow the journal if it helps you in a way, or, just read from a distance.

Thank you ^^

~Journal positions and informations~

* About triggers, of course, this journal will have some. Because of the topic. It doesn't talk about weights. More, it talks about philosophies. But, if you can be triggered, this journal may be bad for you. I don't put trigger warnings for ED things, all of this journal is trigger warned for ED things, but, I will put trigger warnings for other topics.

* I believe in recovery, but, I'm not a "pro-recovery person who hates all pro-ana", or, "a pro-ana person who hates all pro-recovery". I look at both sides. I don't believe in deciding who is "true anorexic" and who is not. I don't debate in arguments like that, everyone finds their own path, and, everyone is welcome here unless you are being mean.

* I'm not a kind of person who is going to judge anyone, or, tell them something is not "safe", or, act in horror when they talk about something serious they did. I can not be shocked and I don't believe any of us know what is "safe" any more, or, believe that "safe" is important, so, why do I tell you to be "safe" when I don't believe it myself? Life is not safe, but, life is finding a path in an unsafe world.

* I am not safe... I believe some things that is controversial. If you know more about me, you would probably laugh. But, I am gentle and I try to be nice. When I say, "not safe", I don't mean, I am an angry person who yells at you. But, my ideas and thoughts are not always safe, normal, or inside society.
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